How to enable utm parameter in heap?

  • 7 February 2024
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Hello team,


I am trying to enable the utm parameters in heap account, but when I am checking with filters that from which utm source or which utm medium, I am getting conversion, it is showing me nothing.

Does it takes time to update or am I missing on anything?

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@arpitgarg As long as you are sending properly formatted utm parameters to Heap AND they are present on the landing page of the session, then we will parse them into the special builtin UTM properties (and Initial UTM properties when it’s the user’s first ever visit). 

UTM parameters are only relevant to data captured on the web, so if you are analyzing data sent from e.g. the server, those won’t be available. 

Take a look at your Landing Page Query properties, or even just at an url you know you’re using that has properly tagged UTMs, as a way to debug the issue. Note that Google’s `gclid` does not get automatically parsed into UTM params, you have to manually tag those as well, which would be the case for any tool that isn’t Google Analytics.