Visual Labeling not working past the home page

  • 25 April 2024
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I’m just getting started with Heap and Visual Labeling doesn’t work past the home page for us. It works on the home page, I’ve named events there, but if I click navigate page and go to another page the toolbar doesn’t come back up.

1 reply

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Edit: I suspect I’m supposed to use the shortcut for toggle mode but I have a scandinavian keyboard layout meaning / is a shift command and there’s no instruction for what shortcut to use instead.

“To switch modes you can either click on the mode you want in the toolbar, or use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + /). For German keyboards, the shortcut is Ctrl + Shift + ß and for Swiss German keyboards the shortcut is Ctrl + Shift + ‘. The keyboard shortcut is helpful to switch modes without triggering subsequent click interactions on your site.”