What does "UTM Source = “None” mean?

  • 16 August 2023
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Hi, Team.

I have any questions about the UTM Source filter’s result. (See below)

I got this as a result: UTM Source = “None”.

What does that mean? Even if it's not accurate, I want to know about the “None”.  

Thanks :)


Best answer by Christy H 17 August 2023, 00:11

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4 replies

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Following. We have issues with the UTM fields as well: most of our users have UTM campaign = None, although other platforms like FS have them attributed correctly

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Hi @Yun ,

The most common reason that you are seeing None in your results is that you are looking at all sessions, including those who came to your site directly or via organic methods. In order to filter out that traffic you can setup a chart that looks like the one below. This will show you data for only those sessions where UTM data was captured. Let us know if that helps!


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Hi @Christy H , 

Thank you for your reply! 
And I'm Sorry, not Filter, I had the “Group by” of Funnel chart. (See below)
I understood it as your reply to “UTM Source = None” in my case below.


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Hi, @jinahlee1234  I had left the question about the heap data. if you need the above contents, let you check,please. Thank you :)