Are the any workarounds to change user Identity value after it is set? Is it possible to use another identifier from (custom?) properties to identify and call the Heap API?

  • 18 January 2023
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In our application, using Heap Analytics for a long time, we need to change the way we identify users, for security reasons. Our current users are identified long ago using partially sensitive data, we don’t want to expose it anymore. That’s why, we need to either find a way to change the Identity value or the way to identify users using custom property, etc.

The docs state that “Heap does not allow you to change an already applied identity or assign multiple identities to the same user”. That’s really harsh, so, maybe, there are workarounds for it with import/export or we could send you the match list(s) to replace it. 

Would be very grateful for any alternative solution proposed as well. Thank you!



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Hi Taras. 

Maybe these links will help!

Heap employee here and changing identity is a heavy lift for our eng team! Hope you can find an easy workaround!