Evaluating addition to a list in a cyclical user journey

  • 7 March 2024
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Hi everybody,


I’m trying to set up a user funnel in heap where a user can add up to 3 items to a list before they are blocked and hit a paywall.


I’m trying to understand how many added 1 then lost interest, added 2 then lost interest and for those who added 3 - how many tried to add a fourth and hit the block and how many just lost interest at that point.


How would you advise me to set that up?

1 reply


Hi! ImpalaDan,

For your this particular use case you can definitely setup a funnel, using the information you have provided I am attaching a screenshot below where “pageview” is basically that event you want to trigger in user journey. Please see to the screenshot below.

 Please change these event with your respective events. 
For e.g.,

In Funnel

  • Add to Cart ⬇
  • Check out

In Filter

  • Users who have done a count of ➡ quantity ➡ equals ➡ x(any number)
  • or
  • Users who have done a count of ➡ (click on ➕) ➡ equals ➡ x(any number)

By this practice you can get your desired output. To refine more you can you snapshot as well to capture that number in time of checkout.

Hope I resolved your query. Please feel free to put in chat in case you find any difficulty in this method.