Goodbye Paths, hello Journeys

  • 15 March 2023
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Goodbye Paths, hello Journeys
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Beginning in May, Paths will be discontinued in Heap. We know exploring the paths users take through your product is important, which is why we launched Journeys. Journeys is a new, flexible and powerful tool to explore your users’ behavior.

Journeys is an industry-leading approach that addresses the challenges of traditional path-based analysis tools. We’re excited for the future of Journeys and have a rich roadmap of enhancements scheduled throughout the rest of the year. 

Watch this video to see the magic of Journeys.



You can learn more about Journeys by:


When will Paths no longer be available?

Log in to your Heap account to confirm the exact date Paths will no longer be available. If you have any concerns, please contact support.


Migrating from Paths to Journeys

You can quickly locate all of your existing Paths charts by navigating to Charts in the left side nav, clicking Filters, then selecting Paths from the chart Type dropdown. From there you can create similar charts with Journeys using this guide: Migrating Paths to Journeys.

Questions? Contact support for help migrating existing charts to the new Journeys analysis module.


Your feedback matters

If you’d like to share your experiences on how you use Paths today and help shape the roadmap for Journeys, contact support or fill out this survey. 

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