Has anyone added the Heap snippet to a Zendesk Help Center to track what articles are being viewed?

  • 28 April 2022
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My application’s help center is rendered using Zendesk so once a user clicks on a help article hyperlink, I am not able to capture what the user is doing in the help center. Does anyone know whether I can install the Heap snippet in Zendesk?


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Hi @DaniB  - Great timing. @Josef and I are working on an article documenting the use of Heap and Zendesk.

@Josef - What advice would you give to @DaniB until we get the article finished?

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You can absolutely install Heap on your Zendesk Guide powered help center!

Here are the steps I would take to install on Zendesk Guide

  1. Go to your Guide admin page and select the “Customize Design” icon (eye icon)
  2. Select “Customize” in the bottom right corner of your theme


  3. Select “Edit Code” in the bottom right hand corner to access your templates source code
  4. Open the “document_head.hbs” file
  5. Add your Heap snippet at the bottom of that page.  Just make sure to replace “YOUR_APP_ID” within the heap.load statement with the ID for whichever environment you want to send your data to.
  6. Publish your changes and you are all set!

I hope this helps! And keep an eye out for our upcoming article on how to send ticket data from your Zendesk support account to Heap!

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Josef, I am throwing a parade in your honor in my office throughway and we will celebrate the awesomeness that is the Joseph, Heap Community Manager! I really thought I was losing my mind when I could not figure out how to do this in Zendesk. My sandbox is a free trial so it’s not available but I would not have figured this it out without your super quick response. I can at least see the option in the paid account. 

I love Heap 96.75% of the day and its the awesome support I have received from folks like you that keep me motivated to maximize the tool’s potential. The other 3.25% I am cussing at Event Visualizer. 

I only have two other questions:

  1. For the parade float, would you prefer your likeness sculpted out of discarded cat fur, wall putty or couch stuffing? I have an inexplicable abundance of those items. 
  2. Does the Heap snippet work on the Zendesk chat widget? 


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Glad I could help!

Your follow up questions are tough ones. For the first one, I couldn’t decide so I took a poll here at the office and they pretty overwhelmingly determined that cat fur would be the best.

Installing Heap on Zendesk Chat is unfortunately not as easy as a poll of the office. Since the widget is loaded within an iFrame there isn’t a way to install Heap on the chat/messenger widget. It looks like Zapier might have a Zendesk Chat connector in the works, so depending on what that looks like you could potentially build a Zap to make API calls to send data to your Heap account. We would need to wait to see what it’s capabilities will end up being however.

Has anyone been able to get more granular on user attributes? For example, right now I’d like to know the specific user (email address) who is accessing these pages. Everything I read points me to Google Analytics for tracking that level of detail which is annoying. 

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@mjleach87, great question!

You can add some attributes by using our heap.identify & heap.addUserProperties API calls and pull data from Zendesk’s HelpCenter.user data object.

Below are the different pieces of data you can pull from this object.

  • - Get the users name in ZD
  • - Get the primary email of the logged in user
  • HelpCenter.user.groups - Pull the name of the groups the user is part of in ZD
  • HelpCenter.user.organizations - Pull the name of the organizations the user is part of in ZD
  • HelpCenter.user.locale - Get location id of user
  • HelpCenter.user.role - Get the Zendesk Role of the logged in user
  • HelpCenter.user.tags - get any tags from the current users profile.

If you use email to identify your users then you can use the following to identify the user in your Heap data by passing over the primary email address for the currently logged in user.


You could do something similar to send additional user properties using something similar to the following.

heap.addUserProperties({ Name:, Organization: HelpCenter.user.organizations});

If you wanted to grab more detailed data that isn’t found in that object then you would want to use Zendesk’s Users API to pull that data and send it to Heap.

I hope this helps!