Heap's Monthly Releases in a Minute (M&M) - March 2023

  • 14 March 2023
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This March, we celebrate our Mobile Launch in the same month as International Women’s Day and Pi Day!

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M&M’s are Monthly updates & in a Minute - 1 minute long videos that show you the top product updates from the Heap team!  (And meet the Heap cats 🐈 and dogs 🐶!)


App updates!

  • [ga] Popular Events: Do you have to scroll through a long dropdown to find that event you always use? Now, the most popular events (and segments) are easy to find at the top. Spend less time scrolling through menus and more time discovering insights.

  • [ga] Color Customization: Color customization is now available in graph charts. Customize color, legend, axis, title with ease. Note: this is a paid feature.

  • [ga] Report Alerts Upgrade: We added functionality to Report Alerts to be available per environment (it used to available only on production). Note: Pro+ plans have 5 alerts as part of the plan. Purchase the add-on for unlimited reports.

  • [ga] Dashboard Updates: 

    • [ga] Now footnotes and chart notes are available and easy to view in dashboards as well!

    • [ga] Journey Charts are now available for preview in Dashboards!

Mobile Updates

  • [ga] Install Flow Upgrades: Easily return to the installation flow (through the Account navigation or New definition flow) as you connect additional sources of data like Mobile, Shopify … etc.

  • [ga] Cross-platform event creation: Our new workflow allows you to add new criteria for new platforms to existing definitions. Now rather than creating events and then combining them you can do that combo during the event creation workflow.

Session Replay

  • [ga] Better Replays: upgraded service better captures CSS files to generate proper replays for pages behind logins and internal apps.


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