How can I see all current user properties added client-side?

  • 15 April 2024
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Hi there!

Is there a way client-side (through the API or in cookies) to see all user properties added for the current user? I’d like to confirm that user properties are consistent across the user journey.

Also, if we add user properties before the user is identified, are these carried over? Currently we’re seeing that’s not the case but just wanted to confirm.

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2 replies

Also interested in this!



User properties are key for tracking user behavior, but they aren't permanently stored for unidentified users in Heap until identification. Once users log in, Heap will retroactively map any previously set user properties to their profiles, ensuring data continuity. To ensure data accuracy, implement server-side validation to check client-sent data against your criteria (see server-side API overview).

Additionally, add user property on the client-side to monitor property before passing to Heap, (detailed in client-side API documentation). Also, developing unit tests for client-side helps identify early inconsistencies, ensuring reliable data handling, especially for pre-identification properties.

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