How long do my users spend editing records?

  • 2 April 2024
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We’re really interested in understanding how much time our users spend editing/recording details in a specific module of our application. I can easily see how many times they click or make a change to a field in Heap, and I was able to get an “average time between events” of when they made a change to when they next clicked “anywhere outside that element”, but I’d really like to get a better understanding of how long people are spending “active on this page” or something like that. In session replay, for example, I can see “User is idle for XX:XX”, but it’s not clear how/if I could report on something like “time on this page minus time that is idle”.

Any ideas, or anyone done something similar? I did find an old stack exchange post about tracking page view time by calling a custom event when the user leaves the page, but because of the expected idle time here, I’m not sure that will work for us very well.

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