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  • 31 July 2023
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Hey, we’re seeing quite a bit of No Data in the User column. Has anyone experienced this before, know why and potential solutions? Thank you


Best answer by ALabs l Preetam Barik 1 August 2023, 09:58

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Hi @TZ2 ,


Hope you are doing well.

The potential reason why you are seeing (No Data) is because of the group by you are using in the reports.

  • For ex: Let’s assume you are sending a custom user property which says whether a user is paid or not and the values that you are sending says “true” for paid and no other values coming for non paid users. In this scenario you will see “true” for some set of users and others it will show as (No data) because the other set of users are not getting assigned a value which states that they are not paying users.

Explanation: In simple words , Heap will show as (No Data) for all those users who does not get the value assigned to themselves for any group by that has been applied.


Hope this helps. Let us know if there are any follow-up questions.


Thanks and Regards,

Preetam Barik

Is it possible to remove (no data) from a report? I’ve tried using “is defined” as a filter and no luck