Event created but not showing that 'an event already exists for this definition.'

  • 4 May 2023
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I’ve created some events and when looking at visual labelling I have one event that tells me that 'an event already exists for this definition.' but the the others don’t, which suggests there isn’t an existing event defined. However I did create these and can see them in the ‘Definitions’ tab. Any ideas why I might be seeing this discrepancy?



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This could happen when the definition for the two events (in visual labeling and already created) are not exactly same, for example:

  • You have used “limit to url” or “limit to text” in visual labeling, which adds a filter on path or target text to the definition of the Event while the already created does not have that filter.
  • Visual Labeler has picked different css than the one used in already created definition. e.g. visual labeler picked “.abc” as css while the already defined event has the css “.xyz .abc”, both might target the same button but the definition is different.

Hope this helps!