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  • 25 January 2024
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We’re currently trialing the free version of Heap to see if we want to purchases access, and I’ve come across an issue when trying to tag some of the users actions in our app. I was trying to label actions using the live view, and in one page of our app, when I tag one object (a circle that acts as a filter for a list of results), the tag is applying to all other objects in the same row (e.g., if I click the other circle, it’s then applying that tag to every object in that row). I tried this on another page in our app and did not have the same issue - each of the filters at the top was correctly tagging. Today I went into the platform and tagged a search field (user clicks search on lower menu, then clicks into the search bar that pops up at the top) and after setting the label it seems to be applying to other untagged objects/actions. For example, I went to another page, clicked on something that hadn’t been tagged, and saw the new search label come up with the action. 

Has anyone else experienced this? As a note, we did exceed the free monthly usage capability in Dec - would that potentially impact the functionality of event tagging? 


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Hi @Laura_EB ,

Heap does it’s best to create an event label when you use Live View or some of our other labeling methods (Event Explorer, Visual Labeler) but it isn’t always perfect which is why you may be seeing some unexpected results. 

You will find some quick tips for QA’ing and editing your event labels to make sure that it’s returning interactions with the right element in our QA'ing and Verifying Events lesson on HeapU. Check it out and let us know if that helps.

For a broader understanding of how event labels work, check out our labeling events doc