Help with Funnel (Custom Events)

  • 21 March 2024
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I have created a few funnel charts using custom events and I have confirmed that the events are being sent correctly however they aren’t all showing up in the funnel chart.

It’s strange as some of the the events show up in the funnel chart and some do not show up at all.

I can find all the events in heap if I look for them.

Maybe it could have something to do w. authentication?
The events I send pre-auth all seem to show up in the funnel report.

1 reply

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Update I go t the funnel to record correctly.

Problem I had was that I was using rudderstack’s http api to send server side events to heap and their plugin uses cascading logic to map id’s to the identity field.  When I logged in the userId had a higher precedence then sessionId and it took precedence and effectively changed which ID got sent to heap.

Heap needs identity to be consistent in order for funnel reports to work (makes perfect sense) so for anyone in the future who sees this if your funnel reports stop after log in, check your id’s.


At least that worked for me.