How to user registration event?

  • 8 January 2024
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Hi! What is the best way to track when someone goes from being an unregistered homepage viewer to a registered app user?

Event 1 is easy: view homepage

Event 2 is more complicated. No pages within the app ( are accessible by anonymous users except for login and registration.

  1. Options1: I could define the event as view “/search”, which is the page you land on after successful login or registration, but that will include current users who are just logging in and happen to get there from the homepage, right?
  2. Option 2: I can create an event to track the registration form submission. There are two problems. First, you can register via Google oAuth, which bypasses the registration form. Second, submitting the form doesn’t prove that the user successfully registered, just that they submitted the form.
  3. Option 3: Use the identify or add property API to somehow let Heap know that the user has successfully registered.

What is the best way forward to get accurate data? 



Best answer by Shubham Singh 5 February 2024, 18:59

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3 replies

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ack, how do you edit a question? Of course it should be “How to define user registration event?”

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Hi @LiveNathan

To define a user registration event as per the complication, option 3 is the best way to get accurate data in Heap by sending custom user registration event using Track API.

However, with auto-captured data you can also gain insights into newly registered users by creating a segment of users who either clicked on 'Register with Email' or 'Register with Google' and viewed the landing page post a successful login. You can use this segment to filter, group, and compare user segments in the reports. You can also directly use these as filters in the Analysis criteria. First, you need to label both the 'Register with Email' and 'Register with Google' click events and create a combo event, and then label a Pageview event for the first landing page post successful login. I'm sharing a screenshot to illustrate how to define the segment:

This segment will create a group of users who successfully registered in the past week. You can change the date grouping based on your use case.

Hope this helps! Please do share whether this solution worked for you or not.

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Thanks Shubham. I’ll try it out.