Is there a specific way to set up a SwiftUI app with the classic SDK?

  • 13 November 2023
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Hey all, 

I’m working through setting up heap for a swiftUI app. I’m interested most in the visual editing to tag events, so it sounds like I need to set up the classic SDK. I’m getting events to fire but I’m hitting two snags:


  1. If I go through the install guide, I get stuck at “No data received yet...”. Though, if I go to the live feed, I do see my events getting tracked.
  2. If I go to the visual editor, I get a screen that indicates I haven’t set up the app (it says “Heap must be set up on your website or mobile app.”). Which again is odd because I am seeing the events fire with my current setup.

I have heap set up as so:

  1. Grabbed the package from SPM here:
  2. In my app delegate I have the following: 

Also using Chrome as the browser. Any insights would be greatly appreciated! 


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For anyone else with a SwiftUI app who’s been struggling. Today, the Classic nor New SDK currently supports autocapture of SwiftUI views and elements. While you may be able to view some events in the live data feed, those events aren't guaranteed to be reliable or useful for consistent analysis. For now, Heap recommends instrumenting key SwiftUI events with track calls, regardless of whether you're using the New or Classic SDK.