Showing a custom property as title in user list instead of identity

  • 23 February 2023
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I’m identifying my customers through their ids in my database. 
I also gather their email and first/last name using the custom properties function. 

Is there a way to show their first/last or email instead of their ID as a title when navigating the ui?, like in the users&sessions page?  

Right now I have to dig into ‘see more about this user’ to finally get their email and name. It would be much simpler if it was displayed in the list? 



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2 replies

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This is really great feedback. We do not currently support changing which properties (identity or a custom user property) shows up in the user card on the Users & Sessions page. We will file a feature request for this idea!

If you know the first/last name of the person you are looking for, you can use filters on the Users & Sessions page to filter down to the person’s user card.  


I would really like this as well, especially with  the new User UI that doesn’t show the email anymore without clicking on “See more about this user”

It could also be great to just display the “name”/ “email” custom properties in that order if they exist. This might be simpler to implement than allowing users to choose.