Why are my click on event not showing up?

  • 19 November 2023
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My page views are coming through just fine. but my “click on” events don’t show.

This is in development, not production.

heres what I’m doing:



Best answer by Shubham Singh 19 December 2023, 18:55

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Hi @Tim,
The click event appears to be configured correctly. Since you're working in the development environment, one potential reason for the no data is that there might not have been recent clicks on this specific button within the development site.

To validate the click event, I suggest checking the Live data feed. Click on the button in question while ensuring you're in the same environment as the website. By doing so, you can confirm the firing of the event.
Alternatively, try clicking on this button multiple times and check for the event data after a short interval by refreshing the event.

Hope this helps! Please do share whether this solution worked for you or not.

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@Shubham Singh That is exactly what I’m doing already and the click events are not showing in the live feed..only page views.

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any other ideas here? I’m dead in the water


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Hi @Tim  - I require more details about that specific page and its hierarchy code to identify why events aren't triggering in Heap.

However, since you can capture pageviews but not click events on the page, it might indicate that the website is built using a Shadow DOM or the event you're attempting to capture is within an iFrame. Please review these documents:

Hope this helps!