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  • 14 September 2023
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Hey folks,

I saw that one of the mistakes that most of us have made is to have too many events defined (let apart name convention) but for you what’s the most common/average number of event that would be correct ? 

We currently have 300+ events of which about a hundred are never used and was thinking of reducing it to 100, is this number still too high ? 



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Hi Kevin, think of it less as “too high” and more of “how relevant” are these events to the key questions, metrics we’re looking to drive. 


Managing a high number of events has its limitations in terms of governance and ongoing maintenance. I would advise first looking at your “inactive” events, these events are not collecting data but will affect users ability to navigate through Heap and use in queries. Events are really the core building blocks of everything within Heap and so having a strong governed foundation is essential. 

If you were to archive any of these events, you could always unarchive them in the future and with auto capture you’ll retain full data history of said events. 

I’d focus on:

  • Understanding what events are relevant today
  • Removing inactive events 
  • Ensuring key events are correct and verified 
  • Adding additional notes and context to key events 

All of the above will assist in making Heap easier to use for end users.