How to Install Heap to Multiple Properties

  • 27 September 2023
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I have Heap installed on my web property and now need to set up Heap on our iOS app. 

How can I create more projects in order to support the integration with the iOS app?


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Hi Travis,

You can create new project or a new environment in same project in Heap by navigating to Projects setting in Heap UI (Account > Manage > Projects). You will find both the options, “adding a new project” and “adding a new enviroment” there. (refer the image below)

Option to “Add Project” and “Add Environment” In Heap UI

After adding a new project or new environment, you may use the ID (shown in red circle in above image) in the code “Heap.shared.startRecording("YOUR_APP_ID")” while installing Heap on your iOS platform.

Here are few documentation you may refer to understand the difference between Projects and Environment (link), Heap installation on iOS (link).


If you offer a mobile and web experience, such as an iOS app, Android app, and web app for a single product and want to understand how a single user behaves across each of these apps, we recommend using a single project and environment.


Hope this helps.

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The correct answer is: through the healing power of money haha. 


Thanks, I’m all sorted!