Tracking "account" properties

  • 22 July 2022
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Hi everyone! New Heap user here.

This is more of a technical implementation question, but how is everyone tracking “account” (we call them companies internally) properties?

We’ve seen two approaches:

  1. Send in account data as part of the user properties
  2. Send in account data using the account properties API

Approach #2 seems purpose-built for this very thing, but there is no way to do it from the Web SDK. You have to actually write code to hit the raw API.

Our Heap rep told us that we can accomplish the same things with either approach, but I feel like if there is an API to set account properties specifically, then we should probably use it.


2 replies

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Hi @jdixon - Your question has been escalated to support.

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Hi @jdixon,

Brian from the Heap support team here! The approach we definitely recommend is using our Account Health Analysis feature, which does require the use of our APIs in two ways:

  • Use our addUserProperties API to send in an account-identifying property for each individual user. All users belonging to the same account (or company in your case) would have the same value for that property. You'd then set that property as your account identifier property in your Heap account.
  • Use the addAccountProperties API to send in custom properties that apply to entire accounts. Each 'account' in Heap is measured by grouping all users whose account identifier user property (which you selected in step one) matches the 'account_id' value you send in via the API call.


Hope this helps clear things up!