Heap Permissions, Security, and Scale

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From what I’ve read, Heap cannot control permissions at a very granular functional level. We have a use case where access to information is highly restricted, with the need to grant read-only access to specific dashboards and charts within those dashboards — and nothing else. Am I missing something? How is this requirement handled at scale?



Best answer by Rohin-Heap 11 March 2023, 00:49

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Hello Al,


Thanks for sending this community post and I’ll bring this up in our product feedback channel so our team can see how we can better accommodate this use case.  Can you expand more on why you would want certain users to only see specific dashboards or charts? Is it mainly for contractors or 3rd party individuals and you’re looking to give them access to Heap or something different? 

Would love to learn more on how we can help!

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It’s a corporate privacy requirement.