Analyzing Customer Behavior Patterns Based on Signup Events

  • 16 January 2024
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Hello Community,

I'm working with a customer dataset and facing a challenge in segmenting and analyzing the data. I’ve created a segment where the user's 'identity' is included in a file.

My goal is to identify common behavioral patterns among all customers, particularly focusing on their journey leading to a specific event, such as signing up.

Could you please guide me on how to filter the data based on the timestamp of a specific event, like the signup date?

I'm particularly interested in understanding how to isolate this event and analyze the paths customers took leading up to it.



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Hi @Djon,

To identify common behavioral patterns among all customers, with a specific focus on their journey leading to a specific "Sign up" event, you can simply create a user journey report. In the first criteria, set the report as "Completed" instead of "Started," and add the signup event as a final event. Set the date range according to your analysis. This report will provide you with insights into the paths taken in the user journey leading to a successful signup. I'm sharing a snapshot illustrating how to set the criteria:

Additionally, as you want to filter the customer dataset based on the signup date, for that, in the analysis, you can add a filter 'Users who have done', include the sign-up event, and group it by a custom date using the 'between' operator and set specific dates. By using the same method, you can also define a segment. This will help identify the user journey before and after any specific signup dates. I'm sharing a screenshot of the filter to illustrate how to set it up:

Hope this helps! Please do share whether this solution worked for you or not.