Big drop off in funnel when starting with session then home page

  • 6 December 2023
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I’m new to using heap and we are trying to set up a funnel for our site. When I have the first step as “Session” and the second step as “Pageview = ‘/’”, Theres a 85% drop off, but if I just remove the session step and have the “Pageview = ‘/’” as the first step, I get the same amount of users for step 1 as session.

Is this just a misunderstanding in how to set up the funnel or did I integrate heap incorrectly and my sessions aren’t being set right?


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Hi @Long ,

When setting up a funnel in Heap, you should use only one event as an initial step. Both the "Session" and "Pageview" Built-in events show the total number of users who did either a session or a page view. The reason you are getting the same number of users after removing the session step is that almost all users who had a session also viewed the homepage.

The 85% drop-off you observed when using "Session" as the first step and "Pageview = '/'" as the second step is likely because only 15% of users on your site are viewing the homepage twice. You can cross-check this by creating a funnel with the homepage as both the first and second steps to verify the drop-off.

Hope this helps!