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  • 20 September 2022
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Thanks if anyone can help me on the below scenario :  

  1. Our QA is currently testing on different browser, and we are trying to find whether Internet Explorer still being used by our users.
  2. If the users are using Internet Explorer, what other browsers do they use ?
  3. Who/ which type users that are using the browser still.



Best answer by Christy H 20 September 2022, 18:35

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3 replies

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Hi @jolenech ,
A simple graph of Count of Sessions Grouped by Browser should give you what you need here!


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Thanks for your reply @Christy H , yes the above shows you the all the browsers used by all the users.

But what i am looking for is, for those users that uses IE, what other browsers do they use ? (other then IE) 

Example , I use Internet explorer while i am on my labtop but I also use Chrome while i am at home.  

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Ahh, I see. That one is a bit trickier (especially if folks aren’t logged in across devices). However, something like this might get you some of the data that you are looking for.