Feature Request: Support “Less than or equal to” and “Greater than or equal to” operatoes

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I don’t know why Heap doesn’t support these two operations but We are constantly struggling with the inability to filter with “less than or equal to” and “greater than or equal to” operators. There are only “less than” and “greater than” currently. 

Addition of the two extra comparison operators would make it so much easier to create charts 


Best answer by Eric.mistry 21 September 2022, 17:58

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Hi Trevin! Rae from the Solutions Team here! Thanks so much for this feedback. I agree, I think a lot of users would find these operators very helpful! I’ve forwarded this to our product team to take a look at down the road!

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This is a great idea! Adding another +1 to promote visibility. 

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Hey @Trevin - do I have good news for you! Greater than or equal to and Less than or equal to are now supported. Hope this makes your happiness greater than or equal to what it was before. (Thanks to our devs for making this happen!)