Funnel for users who have not performed an action

  • 31 October 2023
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Does the funnel chart let you look at users who have not performed an event?

For example, I’d like to dive deeper into my organization’s users who have:
1. Performed event A ever
2. Performed event B ever
3. Has never performed C

If the funnel view is not a great way to look at these users, is there another way to look at users like this?


Best answer by Shubham Singh 1 November 2023, 15:44

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The funnel chart primarily focuses on tracking the sequence of events that users perform, showing the conversion and drop-off between events. It enables you to determine the percentage/number of users who haven't completed event C. 
There is also a straightforward way to analyze these users by either creating a segment or using filters in the chart criteria.

If these events are sequential, you can use the "Users who have done the sequence" filter and add all three steps. Then, just select the "did not complete the final step" checkbox. This will provide you with users who have done the first two events but not the third one. By grouping these users by any identity or user properties, you can gain insights into user demographics.

This report will identify individuals who have been active in the past 7 days and participated in the first two events but have not yet completed the third step.

If the events are not sequential, you can use the “Users who have done” filter for the first two events and the “Users who have not done” filter for the last event.

Hope this helps! Please do share whether this solution worked for you or not.