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  • 5 October 2023
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I’ve been sending server events to the Heap API the past couple of days and receiving 200 responses but I’m not able to see them in the Heap dashboard. How can I find all the server events received? 


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Hi Daniela, it sounds like you’re doing everything right. There’s a couple of things to consider:

  1. are you looking in the same environment you’re sending data to? That is, the environment you are currently browsing in Heap is the same environment that was specified in the serverside track call. This is an easy one but is often overlooked :)
  2. serverside event data will only appear on users in the users view (and sessions in the sessions view) for users who have SOME clientside data.
  3. have you checked the Data → Labeled Events tab, and looked under “custom events” category? Are your serverside events there?
  4. have you tried Live View: send test serverside events (e.g. from Terminal on a Mac) and seen them show up in Live View? They should appear in Live View in < 15s max. You can test this in a development environment so it’s not lost among the noise.

Let me know about the above!