Heap does not capture clicks in iframe

  • 4 September 2023
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Hello there,

I’m trying to use the heap while serving my web in an iframe but heap does not capture the clicks nor the custom events.


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8 replies

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Hi @majagar ,

Have you checked out our documentation for tracking activity in an iframe?

Yes, but I don’t have access to the source page.
To be clear, I’m developing a Shopify app, so I don’t have the access to the source page, and my web is being show in an iframe.




Have you reviewed our Shopify integration documents?

I’m the app developer, not the shop owner, this doc, as I understand targets the shop owners.

This is the matter of the web being loaded in an iframe.

Only the view_page events are being captured. clicks and customized events are not being captured.


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Hi @majagar, if you’re able to capture pageviews but not events on the page, it could indicate that the website has been built using a Shadow DOM. Are you able to confirm? See Tracking Events in Web Components / Shadow DOM

Tried it, did not work.

I’d really appreciate if we arrange a call.


Just following up.

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Hi @majagar, if you're interested in upgrading your Heap plan to have phone support, I'm happy to connect you with the right person to discuss that.