How do you get an average of total events

  • 5 October 2023
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I’m trying to get the average total LoginSuccess event per day, month, quarter from over the last year, but not finding a way to show this number without it using “Unique users” graph when really I just want the total - not caring about duplicates. I’m sure I’m missing something - could you help me out?




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Hello! Have you tried checking the “trailing average” feature just below the “date range” area? My understanding is you want the average per day/week/month etc. This will get you the overall running average across the date range.

If you want the “average per user”, I suggest using a Ratio chart. Go to “more options” → Ratio, and run “[count] [LoginSuccess] OVER [count unique] [pageviews]”. This boils down to “number of loginsuccess events per unique user, in the date range”.

Let me know if this helps or if I’m not quite on the same page yet. Thank you!