Is it possible to disable automatic pageview data capture?

  • 29 September 2023
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Hi, I’m trying to implement Heap on an SPA site (AngularJs), our team would like to see more information regarding the pages and as a result we’ve had to generate our own page view event.  This works and we can see the additional data required by our team, however now we’re getting double data entries for each pageview.  Once with the proper data and one that just repeats the landing page data.  


is it possible do disable the automatic pageview data from being collected?


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Hey there, thanks for posting. Currently, you cannot disable autocaptured events, including pageview events. But you are not required to use it, either. If you want to stick with the event your team manually implemented, feel free to use that and ignore other pageview events. 

I may not be fully on the same page with what you mean by double data entries. Is this on a specific analysis? Feel free to post an example and I’ll be happy to dive in!

Thank you!