Repeat Events per Session

  • 14 June 2022
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Hey there!

I’m looking to get a count of user Sessions where a specific Event was performed more than once. Can anyone help me set up this query and graph?

The question I’m trying to answer is: How many users add more than one job (Event Add-job-success) in a single session. If I could get a list of users who fit this criteria that would be event better.



4 replies


Hi Matt,


Need some help and clarification… your first request… is different than the question you’re trying to ask…


Are you trying to get a count of users? Or a count of sessions?

Ah, yes, thanks Frank! I guess I’d like both if they are two separate things.


Number of sessions in which users completed a specific event multiple times.

Number of users who completed the specific event multiple times in the same session (with user list).




Thanks Matt!

Your first query would be setup as follows:

For your second query… 

  1. If you want the number of users who’ve done that event greater than a certain number:
  2. Or multiple times… (unset # of times)…

  3. etc...


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Hey @MattW — I’ll offer another approach to complement Frank’s.

 This query is the right way to get the number of sessions in which an event happens. 

And this is the right way to get the number of users who have done the event more than once in some time period. You can group by identity or email or what have you to get the list.


But you also specified you wanted to do this count within a session. For that you’ll want to use a query such as this, where you are looking for the number of users who have done some event at least twice within a single session in some period. If they do it multiple times across sessions they won’t be included here like they would above.


If explicit funnels are more your speed, this is a similar query. And in the resulting funnel chart you can click on the second of these events, jump to the users view showing users who did the event at least twice, and export your users from there (if there’s fewer than 5K), or group by email and export/extract.


Hope this helps!