See most frequent events for two different types of user

  • 31 August 2022
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Is there a simple way to build a report on these lines ?

  • show the most frequent events for a group of users
  • compare two groups’ most frequent events (e.g. those who became leads according to Salesforce data vs those that didn’t 

Any advice gratefully received, thank you


4 replies

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Hi Julian, 

You can try with the “Path analysis” report to see main events into or from a specific capability. You can filter by the segment you want to analyze.

Regarding the comparison between 2 different segments you can try use the event you want track and comparing it with different segments:

I hope this help you :)

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Great explanation, @ireinoso! Thank you.

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Hi Julian! Thanks for your question! I’m also going to log this as a feature request!

Thanks @ireinoso - that gives a path to get started although wasn’t quite what I had in mind. (it does at least let me start exploring which events I might want to drill into, so still much appreciated) 

The challenge I have is that most Heap reports start from assuming you know which event you want to track.

In this case I have my segments based on Salesforce data (i.e. who became accepted leads by sales and who didn’t) and I’m trying to find which events occur more often for the ones who became successful leads. 

Obviously the reason for that is to find events that are a good reason to flag customers as ready to talk to sales 

Any further suggestions on how to approach this in Heap very welcome.