Heap Journeys: Defining Branches

  • 28 April 2023
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e-commerce website: 


I want to build a journey map to see how customers are interacting with the product page.  On this page, one thing a customer can do is choose different colors and sizes for the apparel

Started with a basic journey.

Step 1 - view a product page

Step 2 - Add to Cart


Before defining the size/color toggle, when I click to see other branches, I see other paths such as other pages the customer went to, but nothing about the toggle.  Even after I defined the toggle, I needed to explicitly add that event into the journey; and then it showed over half the customers did that before adding to cart.  

Why doesn’t Heap auto-detect this?


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To answer your question “Why doesn’t Heap auto-detect this?”, I would say there could be these common reasons for Heap not showing the event in the Top event list:

  • “Effort Interactions” option is not checked in the Top Events filters.
    Effort Interaction option is to show the clicks and change events.


  • Pageviews are covering most of the common interactions and hence, the toggle interaction is not in the list. You may de-select the Pageview events and it would show only the click and change events.
Uncheck Pageview events to see only the top click and change on events.
  • The event is divided under multiple html elements (Target element hierarchy) and hence, the interaction for the toggle has divided under multiple css selectors, e.g. each color toggle has different data-attribute “name”.

If you do not see any of the upper mentioned reasons true for your case, you may provide more information on the same (like: screenshot of the journey chart, toogle element in the console etc) so that I can investigate further and this should also help the Heap’s product team to have a look at the issue.

Hope this helps!

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I don’t see the selection option that you took a screenshot of.  Can you zoom out or provide a step by step guide for how to reveal that filter?

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i found the Effort Interactions after I clicked on the add button between two steps in the journey report output when I expanded the filter.  In my case, the effort interaction was already checked and then I removed Pageview events as you suggested. 


Unfortunately, I still don’t see my defined event on the list even though 68% of users did that action.


When I remove that step and look at Effort Interactions, my event isn’t on the list.  In fact, even though I see autocaptured web actions (click, view, etc) I don’t see any events that our team had defined based upon those autocaptured actions.  Is that by design?


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Hi @AC2023, thanks for posting your use case. You’re right that we don't currently show defined events in the Top Events list. I’ve logged a feature request on your behalf, and you can follow up with your CSM.