Introduction to the Heap Community

  • 24 February 2022
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Introduction to the Heap Community
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Welcome to the Heap Community!

We created a community for new and experienced Heap users to share ideas, ask questions and - most importantly - build connections to help you grow as a product professional. The Heap Community offers a blend of product advice and strategic guidance to help you plan and execute exceptional products and deliver memorable customer experiences.

Additional community resources to help you get started:


We want the community structure to be as simple as possible. It’s the people and their knowledge that are most important -  so get out there and connect!



Get Started in the Community
All the basics you need to learn about the community.

New Member Introductions
Tell us about you! What are your interests? What would you like to learn from the community? What would you like to share?

Community News and Announcements
Follow this space to stay up-to-date on new community features and other updates


Ask the Community


Get Started with Heap
Not sure where to start? This is the place!


Using the Product

A general space to ask your Heap product questions.

Defining Events and Properties
Events and properties unlock enormous insights into users’ activities. The space is dedicated to sharing different ways to define, manage and analyze events and properties.  

Making Data-Driven Decisions
Incorporating data into your product evolution is a big shift. Collaborate with other Heap experts on how to harness data, weaving it into your overall strategy.

Connectors and Integrations

No app is an island! Connectors and integrations multiply the capabilities of your tech stack and increase your teams access to data. Learn how others are weaving Heap into their business apps and share what you’ve built.

Managing Data

The present is all about data. The future is about much, much more data. Take the time to learn about the successful data strategies others have built.


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Not sure where to go first? Start here by introducing yourself to the community!

3 replies

Hello! Our company has been using and loving Heap for awhile now.  However, we are a small team without in-house data expertise. We are looking for someone to audit the reports, segments, etc that we have set up in Heap.  @davetee Is that a service that Heap provides?  Or are we better off finding a third party consultant?

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Welcome @Koogs! Heap can definitely help with those tasks. I’ll get you lined up with the right resources!


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Welcome @Koogs! There’s also some great resources on Heap University that may address some of your questions. Organizing and Managing Heap would be a solid start.